Aniston, AL – Day 1

Hello from the road. This week I’m playing at a camp in Aniston AL. The drive down from Nashville took about four hours. We took two cars and most of the way here, Jonathan and I drove behind Forest (our guitar player for the week).
Forest is the world’s worst driver.

Those of you who’ve been on long drives with me before know that I’m a bit of a nervous passenger. 18-wheelers make me antsy, people who swerve make me antsy, motorcycles make me antsy. Forest is in the second category. There is no rhyme or reason to the way he drives (unless it’s that he wants to get killed and take a few other folks out with him).

There were a few pleasant things on the drive though.

The clouds were beautiful.

Congrats to Robert Long (pictured on the back of the truck): member, One Million Mile Club.

More tomorrow!

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