Holland (part 1)

Well, I’ve been in Holland for two days, and last night I played for the first time at ACC (the church in Amersfoort). It was beautiful to spend time in song and worship with the church where I spent so much of my childhood.

It never fails to amaze me how universal music can be. Singing songs like “Poetry and Patience” never fails to bring a response from at least one person who comes to me afterward and says, “thank you, that’s exactly what I needed to hear.” It’s humbling to know that God can use such simple words to have such a profound impact on those who hear it.

I’m pretty sure my set was video taped last night, so I’ll post that up here whenever I get it. I’ll be with the church again tonight.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be driving to Amsterdam to be with the youth at Maranatha Church. I’m excited to be with them as they launch a new youth movement in Holland.

Emotionally, it’s been a wild few days. As I return to this beautiful country that I used to call home, I’m realizing that nothing looks the same as when I left it, and the things that are the same are fuzzy memories. I suppose I’ve become a full blooded Nashvillian. I’ve spent so much of my life traveling on planes, cars, and vans. There was a time not so long ago when I wondered aloud to some of my friends if I would ever find a place that I was peaceful about calling “home.” For now, home is my little one-room attic apartment where I don’t even own any of the furniture. It’s funny how much you can learn about yourself in a few short days.

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