Heart Check

I wanted to share something written by one of the attendees at monday night’s show.   It is a bit overwhelming and very humbling to be able to write and share things that intersect with people’s lives in a meaningful way.  Reading things like this cause me to check my heart as well.

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Heart Check…

The kids in my class were tracing with stencils today. It seemed the most popular stencil was the heart. Everyone wants to draw a heart, hold a heart, keep a heart. We want to see hearts, we are sometimes so quick to give our hearts away and sometimes we keep our hearts too safe. And on a rare occasion God lets us see a heart.

Tonight at Fb Gathering I saw a heart. I saw a heart like I had never seen before. A man – sitting in front of a room full of women who struggle with eating disorders, poor body image, and much brokenness – whose heart was full of of compassion, love, and Jesus.

Independent artist Wes Pickering was there because he wrote a song for a friend called “Little Darling” about a girl struggling with her severe eating disorder. I love how he just told us the story behind the song, and then shared about how sometimes when we are at our weakest point, God places people in our lives to intercede for us.

I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful that when I feel like I cannot deal with one more voice inside my head telling me I am ugly, or like I can’t handle one more task, or take care of one more person, I have a few really dear friends who genuinely pray for me – and some that will come over and glue 150 pictures to paper for me – or talk to me for hours. I love how a man, sitting in front of all of these women, could relate. I love how God uses people.

Tonight, I was inspired to check my heart. Can people see that I have a heart that desires to seek Him or can they only see the stuff that clutters my life? Can they see my heart at all?



  1. Awesome. I have been in need of a heart check for awhile now, and this is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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