Produced by Wes Pickering
Recorded by Wes Pickering and Bland Clark
Additional recording by Lindsey Jones and Clint Lagerberg
Recorded at Oceanway Studios Nashville, Belmont Studios, The Attic, Lo-J’s Lounge of Love, and Clint Lagerberg Studios
Mixed by Wes Pickering with Mike Fraedrich and Bland Clark
Masted by Wes Pickering
Artwork by Blair Munday

Wes Pickering: vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, synth bass, piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, hammond b3, drums, tambourine, keys, computers
Lindsey Jones: Vocals
Lee Holland: Drums
Elliot Lopes: Drums, tambourine
Rich Brinsfield: Bass Guitar
Caleb Mundy: Bass Guitar
William Dyer: Electric Guitar
Mike Fraedrich: Electric Guitar
Clint Lagerberg: Slide Electric Guitar


Track 1 “Never Wear Me Out”

i’m okay
at least that’s what you seem to tell me anyway
but i can see it in your eyes
that you are losing faith

oh the roles we play
i don’t know just what you’re trying to portray
but this is real and raw emotion is fair game
say what you want to say

we could talk about
how you really feel
and figure all this out
even when the problem’s old
my words are good as good
you will never wear me out

i’m alright
no matter what the question this is your reply
i’ve heard it first hand from your lips a thousand times

but don’t apologize
everybody falls before they finally find
the purpose and the path for a fulfilling life
oh and you’ll be fine

and if you want to speak
i’m up for listening
and if you’d rather sit
i’d be alright with that
and if you need some time
well, go on take your time
i’m ready

Track 2 “Stop Listening”

why do i feel so useless
why do i feel so much like quitting
you make me feel like an old shirt
you can wear me to paint in
or give away to charity
i can’t believe the way you walked away
and left me sitting here

but if actions do speak louder
then you’re yelling in my ear
and i’m already deaf from the things you do to me
so i might as well stop listening

why do i feel so guilty
for telling you the way that i feel
you say it’s mountains from mole hills
but you sure got a lot of moles in your back yard
i don’t understand the way you fuss at me
for standing up for myself

Track 3 “Long Ride”

i don’t know anymore
what’s to be believed
when everyone has turned their backs
is this right or am i wrong

now it’s the little things that clue you in
there’s no easy way for you to win
you’re gonna be here for a while

it’s a long long ride
when you can’t find the way to save your life
and there’s no way
to stop and turn around

i keep looking at myself
thinking where did i go wrong
cause now that everybody’s left
surely i’m the one to blame

now it’s not easy when it’s noone’s fault
not as simple as you first had thought
you’re gonna be here for a while

Track 4 “Too Late”

i tossed and turned last night
and struggled for some sleep
my body’s quitting time
is not the same as my mind
i think about the things
that happened in the day
and sometimes it’s the things that i wish had

it’s too late for worrying
cause it’s too late to do anything about it
and i wonder when the morning comes
and my body’s fighting with the wakeup call
will any of this matter at all

it never fails before i finally drift off
something i forgot to do will reappear
and i weigh the pros and cons of getting out of bed
but my heavy eyelids always seem to win

because all too often the world is weighing on our backs
and we’re the ones who lack the strength to hold it
and now i know why our mother’s teach us how to pray
before we try and end the day
and leave it all behind

Track 5 “Are You Sure”

oh darling are you sure
you better know before you go
and tell the world

oh darling are you sure
it never hurts
to give these things some time

and i know it’s hard to keep it in
but maybe that’s the way
that it’s supposed to go

oh darling if you’re wrong
you’re never going to see
the end of this one

oh darling if you’re wrong
you can’t rebuild
the bridges you’ll have burned

and i know it doesn’t seem fair
but maybe that’s the way
that it’s supposed to go

it’s in your head
it’s never easy to let go
instead of go ahead

oh darling are you sure
it might be good to wait
this whole thing out

oh darling are you sure
you know they always say
this too shall pass

Track 6 “Easy Way Out”
so long
i don’t have the time
to chase you down
and change your mind
not that i could

and i know
that i don’t have the answers for you
i wish that i could hand them to you
save you some time

so figure it out for yourself now darling
i wish that you could learn from someone else
but you’re taking the easy way out
yeah you’re taking the easy way out

and it’s tough
it’s harder than you thought it would be
you wonder if you really should be
chasing a dream

and i hope
where you end up will satisfy you
even if it’s not what you had thought
that it would be

and you
you know it’s true now
there’s nothing to do now
so figure it out

and you’re not going alone
wherever you go
we’ll be there
so don’t stop trying
you’re never going to wear us out
no you’re never going to wear us out

Track 7 “Poetry and Patience”

this isn’t quite the same as last time
you’re hair is shorter and you’re not yelling at me
and i don’t mention it to you
but you look and smile knowingly

you say stupid things when you’re mad
and i’m sure i do the same thing
it’s funny after all this time
you can still tell what i’m thinking

looking back i think we had
the chemistry that we both wanted
cause i could make you laugh
and you could make time stop
but poetry and patience we both lacked

and i would not do that again
we always fight before we compromise
it doesn’t matter who is wrong
we are not going to apologize

sitting here you make me think
a little kindness goes a long way
a little selfishness with time
is enough to make our hearts break

so please stop telling me
i’m cute when i’m angry
it doesn’t help at all

Track 8 “Looking With Me”

call me after 3pm
i think it’s when life starts
but if you want to start it early
that’d be okay too

and lately i’ve been wondering
what you’ll look like when you’re old
and what you’ll look like
each year in between

cause i would like
to start sharing memories
and i would like
to start with today

cause it’s funny when i look in the mirror
i’m hoping you’ll walk up behind me
it’s better when you’re looking with me

and i can’t wait to fall asleep
it’s always where you are
even if you’re gone when i’m awake

so finish all my sentences
and share in all my thoughts
and i will listen as you tell me yours

oh you are
oh you are
oh you are what i dream about

Track 9 “When I Get There”

i’m glad you called
are you hungry
i haven’t eaten all day

that’s okay
i’ll pick something up
it’s been a long three days
and i’ve been lots of places

do you realize that everything you say
speaks to me in ways
that only things i’ve read have done before
i’m sorry if i have the same effect
and took it all for granted
and i don’t want to do this anymore

i know
what happened wednesday
made me wish i had it in me
to cry again

it goes both ways
it’s not your fault
doesn’t help at all
when i’m insensitive

and i’m not mad at you
these are the times
that i know
that we’re not fair-weather friends

i’m in my car
i’m on my way
we can talk about it later when i get there

Track 10 “Down in Flames”

what do you do when
all the decorations fall
and it’s too much
effort to keep it alive

you stare at the wall and
everybody searches on your bed
trying to find
all their coats

watch it all
watch it all go down in flames
with music in the background
it’s not what you imagined
watch it all go down in flames
with laughter in the background
it’s not what you imagined

all of your so-called friends
didn’t fix the void
the medicine cabinet couldn’t fill

you tried everything
that you could think of
to keep your spirits up
but all of it’s falling apart

it’s time for you to stop
acting on your fear
that maybe God is
smaller than you say he is

you of so much love
you of little faith
what if you just stepped out on the water

you fight it in your head
you know it in your heart
believe what you say or shut up about it
or their just words
it’s all in your hands now
let go

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