Being Born EP

Being Born

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  1. Love With A Broken Heart
  2. Austin
  3. Linger Longer
  4. How Good You’ve Got It
  5. Little Darling – launch “Little Darling” mini-site


Track 1  “Love with a Broken Heart”

Welcome back to life my friend

It’s good to see you there again

Bruised and weathered by the storm

Still, newer than when you were born

Don’t let go of love

When life takes you apart

Learn to love with a broken heart

Feet that learn again to walk

Lips that learn again to talk

Eyes that open up to see

There is beauty to behold again

Welcome back to life

You’re a saint not a sinner

Track 2 “Austin”

Jacob carries Austin to the car for the first time

He’s six pounds and twenty hours old

Jacob looks at April and she’s tired but she’s smiling

He helps her in the car and shuts the door

He doublt checks the seatbelt on Austin’s brand new chair

And kisses Austin’s tiny little head

Do you realize that life will never be the same, never be the same again

April doesn’t have to say “slow down” for the first time

And it takes ten minutes longer to get home

Funny how the baby in the back, so small, changes everything

They pull up in the drive and a house becomes a home

Austin’s gonna make you proud

Austin’s gonna break your heart

Austin’s gonna make you better than you were before

Track 3 “Linger Longer”

We’re almost out of things to say

And we’ve both got work in the morning

But I have had the longest day

And you’re voice is what I need

We should say goodnight and get some sleep

And I’ll call you in the morning

But I have had the longest day today

I just want to know that your on the other side

I won’t even mind if you fall asleep

I just want to know that you’re on the other side

So linger a little longer on the line

We can talk about our days today

We can talk about tomorrow

And I wouldn’t mind another hour

Of sleepy thoughts and sentences

Drifting off before you reach the end

And as we start to fade, our thoughts are making half as much sense

And as we drift away, I’m thankful that you’re there

Track 4 “How Good You’ve Got It”

Baby, slow down.

You’re gonna crash if you don’t pay attention

Looking for more than what you have

And I know it’s easy to think that you’re missing something

You don’t know how good you’ve got it

Because life looks better when you just quit worrying about it all

If you only knew you innocent heart was a thing of beauty

You wouldn’t give it up so fast

And I know it’s easy to think that you’re missing something, but

Even the birds aren’t concerned with what they’re going to eat

How much more precious you are to me

Track 5 “Little Darling”

Oh little darling have you lost your way

Oh little darling I feel for you

I know it hurts but don’t believe in lies

Your eyes are playing tricks on you

You try to control, try to be beautiful

But trying will let you down

But whatever your lot

I pray that you’ll sing “it is well…”

Oh litte darling if you could only feel

All of the love that we feel for you

Oh little darling you would be amazed

How many prayers are prayed for you

And when you don’t have the voice to sing

We will be singing for you

“It is well with my soul”

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