Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me

“Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.” I haven’t thought about this hymn for a long time, but God brought it to mind today. It was written in 1926 by a Presbyterian music minister from North Carolina who attended a revival in Orlando. Hearing a sermon on the Holy Spirit, he found his way to a church there and wrote the song while that church’s organist transcribed the music. The song immediately found its way into worship services across the country.

It’s a big prayer to pray: “melt me, mold me.” That involves surrendering our whole selves to the purpose of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to reshape our lives in God’s perfect image. It’s something we must go back to frequently, as the process isn’t ever complete (not in this life anyway). The second part “fill me, use me” is also a big prayer, and one that God loves. And when He answers, it often looks different than what we expected, but if we follow through in obedience, we always see that His plans are so much better and full than our own. God CAN use you, and He isn’t looking for perfect people before He does. Instead, He desires people who surrender all and say “melt me, mold me.” Come with obedience and sacrifice, and let the Holy Spirit equip you for the task ahead.

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