Video Update: My New Friend

Today I bought a new/old guitar from a guy off of craigslist. It’s a Larivée. Here’s a little video introduction to him: You’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the coming months.

Aniston, AL – Day 3

A busy day: Morning Music Home-made breakfast Ultimate Frisbee Lunch in town with Lucas Costner (traveling to places near where your friends live is fun) Starbucks Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee Rehearsal Dinner Evening Music Redneck Games (wha??) A rousing game of Mafia I’m tired…time for bed.

Aniston, AL – Day 2

Here are some pics from today: We went to Wal Mart and Kelsey got tired of walking Forest pushed the cart so Kelsey could have a break. There are some students from Tevecca at the camp…one of them is Dwight Schrute Jonathan played a solo show this evening.

Aniston, AL – Day 1

Hello from the road. This week I’m playing at a camp in Aniston AL. The drive down from Nashville took about four hours. We took two cars and most of the way here, Jonathan and I drove behind Forest (our guitar player for the week).Forest is the world’s worst driver. Those of you who’ve been on long drives with me …

On the road with Jonathan Dunn

Well, it’s been quite a week. Kelsey and I drove back 12 hours or so to Nashville from Caswell, NC. Somewhere along the way I got really sick. I’ve spent the last couple of days taking penicillin and trying to get rested, and I’m just about back up to speed. All this is just in time to go out on …

Fort Caswell NC – Days 2 & 3

It’s been a good weekend. We’ve got one more session tomorrow morning. Here are some pics from the last couple of days. My drum rig in the auditorium Ocean in the distance Fort Caswell Part of the fort Another beautiful sunset


There are few things so delicious as this:

Some thoughts about prayer

Well, we’ve had quite a few blog postings on the silly side of things lately, but I wanted to share with you all a bit of where my heart has been the last couple of months. As I’ve been venturing into the world of being a full-time musician, I’ve been making plans and arranging my schedule, treading at times into …

Giant Cow

Popsicle Stick Riddles

A few weeks ago, I had my wisdom teeth out. My diet in the days following the surgery consisted mostly of Jello and popsicles. Now, one of the best things about eating a popsicle is the riddles that are on the stick. The part you hold has the riddle, and the answer is hidden underneath the popsicle itself. Allow me …