Knoxville Show Added This Weekend

This is a bit last minute, but I just booked a show for this weekend as Lindsey Jones and I make our way to North Carolina. We’ll be stopping over in Knoxville TN at Remedy Coffee located downtown. For those who live in the Knoxville area, check out Hope to see you there

Finding Balance

Tonight I’ll be playing at the Finding Balance gathering in Franklin TN. I got connected to Finding Balance through founder Contance Rhodes because of my song Little Darling. The set tonight will feature that song as well as some old and new material. I love playing in small acoustic settings like that because it allows me to share the stories …

Recording Projects

I’ve been in the studio (studio is loosely defined these days) recording a bunch of different things. #1 is a top secret project which will be revealed at a later date (stay tuned) #2 is Seth Costner’s Good as Gone EP #3 is Songs of Love ( #4 is Stacy Beam, horse show organist extraordinaire #4 sounds a bit like …

You Ought To Know

So, this blog is pretty much two days over due, and I have some new music/videos I’m preparing to post in the coming weeks but don’t have them ready just yet.  So, instead I thought I’d give you a rundown of some of the essentials in my life right now. I twitter way more than I blog: Andrew Osenga …

Behind the Scenes at the Video Shoot

He’s a behind the scenes look at the music video shoot for Josh Wilson’s “Savior Please” music video. I’m playing the drums in the video. Watch out for Dutch and double speed drumming.

A Busy Week

This week is shaping up to be quite a hectic one. First up, tonight I’ll be acting as the drummer in Josh Wilson’s music video for the song “Savior Please.” I’ll upload the video when it’s finished. Wednesday I’ll be a last minute show at St. Louis Community College with Beau Bristow. I also started work over the weekend on …

New Videos Page Added

Hello folks, Just a little update to let you know that there’s a new video page on the website.  There will be new videos appearing on a fairly regular basis, so check back often, you subscribe to the Wes Pickering youtube channel.


I’m currently testing out the functionality of this new website, and one of the few things I haven’t done yet is test the gallery. This is Esther. She’s the newest member of my family, a 20 month old border collie/german shepherd mix. I’m sure you’ll hear more about her in my twitter updates.

Official Cover Art

Well folks, it’s been a long time coming, but the finishing touches are finally placed on Being Born. I’ve received the final artwork, and CDs will be available in a matter of weeks. And now (drumroll) here’s the official cover art for the EP: Many thanks to Blair Vickroy for her help with art direction. Thanks to all who have …