“Top 3
Christmas albums of the Year”

Last December, Under the Radar, the leading radio show and community for well-crafted and independent Christian music, rated Glory –  A Call to Worship at Christmas among their top 3 Christmas albums of the year.  Available in digital, CD, and special premium bundles that include hand-painted artwork by Wes’s wife Hannah.

Glory: A Call to Worship at Christmas

A Christmas Album + Live Worship Gatherings

Christmas has always been about worship!

Since the very beginning, humanity’s proper response to Jesus’s birth is to worship Him for who He is and for what He has done.  The Wise Men, the shepherds, Simeon in the temple, the prophetess Anna, the angels, Mary — all of them responded to the Good News of the Messiah’s arrival with acclamations of worship.  Even John the Baptist, while still in his mother Elizabeth’s womb, leapt in worship when Mary arrived, pregnant with the baby Savior!

I have always had a special fondness for Christmas music of all sorts, even silly songs about reindeer and Santa Claus, but every Christmas season should ultimate lead to a time of passionate worship for the Savior’s arrival.  After all, He is Emmanuel, God with Us, the little child who grew up and sacrificed His perfect life for a hopelessly broken world. His brief time on earth concluded in the most majestic of crescendos, bursting forth from the grave, conquering death itself, and ascending to Heaven to sit at the right hand of Abba Father! But His birth was a far more subtle beginning, trading a heavenly throne for a manger on a night where most people were too busy to even pay attention.  Oh, let’s give Jesus the worship He deserves for such a stunning act of humble majesty!  At Christmas, we remember the very moment that John 3:16 was set into motion: “For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!”

This December, I’m inviting churches to join with me in a corporate gathering of worship.  Glory: a Call to Worship at Christmas will be an event focused entirely on worshiping Jesus.  We will be leading congregations in songs and hymns, both old and new, to remember the Messiah’s arrival.  It’s more than just another concert during an already busy season, it’s a time to stop and reflect and worship together, singing with one voice praises to Jesus, the Humble King!

grace and peace,



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Join Wes, his wife Hannah, and their band as they retell the Christmas story through song. This powerful gathering is an opportunity for families and churches to celebrate the Good News of Jesus’ birth and make worship the central theme of Christmas.

No events booked at the moment. If you’re interested in having Wes play at your event, click on the booking page.

The Artwork

The cover art for Glory: A Call to Worship at Christmas was painted by Wes’s wife Hannah Pickering.  This stunning piece, titled Bethlehem Night, is painted in acrylic on a panoramic 1ft x 3ft canvas.

To see more of Hannah’s beautiful artwork, visit http://hannahpickeringart.com